Looking to buy a summer house, a retirement home or just planning to make an investment?

You get the royal treatment because you stay at Hotel Villa Turka.

With years of experience in the field, we hook you up with the best real estate agents in town. The ones that don’t pressure, the ones that give you all the options at the right price.

Best Offers Only

We do not believe working with a single real estate agent will result in the best option for you. We work with our hand selected real estate agents so that you have multiple offers. You can choose the one that suits YOUR needs, not the real estate agents.


No contracts. No tactics and no pressure. All free of charge and free of stress.

Get in touch today to book your appointment. 

Great Service Guaranteed

We continuously monitor this list according to our guests’ feedback. So they make sure that they give the best service to keep having the chance to serve our guests.

Please contact us beforehand if you want to have a lineup of real estate agents. Even if you’re not thinking about buying a house now, you can still get a free consulting.