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The Best Alanya Beaches: Reviews of 5 Popular Beaches

When it comes to places to visit in Alanya, the first thing that comes to mind is the beautiful Alanya beaches! Alanya, which is also home to many blue flag beaches, has the longest sea season of Turkey as from April to November. If you also enjoy swimming in clear and calm waters or if you say you are passionate about underwater fauna, our guide is for you! Let's take a quick look at the best Alanya beaches together:

The Most Popular Alanya Beaches

These popular beaches, which we have included in our list of Alanya beaches, are at the top of the favourite stops of both local and foreign tourists. However, before we go into details, we would like to point out that while the facilities at these beaches are an advantage, they have one common cons: crowded. It may not be possible to spend a quiet day on these beaches due to the many hotels surrounding them and the crowded groups.

1- Alanya Cleopatra Beach

It is said that this beach, named after the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, was once also a favorite of her. This was the queen's favorite swim spot in Alanya, which was gifted to her by the Roman general Anthony. It is even among the rumors that the gold and fine sands that made the beach famous were brought from Egypt for Cleopatra. How about the pros and cons of Alanya Cleopatra Beach?

Pros of Cleopatra Beach

  • Approximately 2 km of coastline

  • Besides the length of the gold sands, the width is also quite good

  • Having blue flag

  • Being a suitable area for diving and observing underwater life

  • Sports activities such as jet ski, parachute, canoe

  • Being a unique spot to watch the sunset

  • Possibility to rent sunbeds and umbrellas

  • Many cafes & places that can meet visitors’ needs

  • Easy access from the center*

*Hotel Villa Turka provide the free of charge private transportation to Cleopatra Beach for its guests.

Cons of Cleopatra Beach

  • Crowd (Cleopatra Beach is crowded even at night.)

  • Wavy sea

  • Depth (Cleopatra Beach may exceed your height after 2-3 steps.)

  • Not suitable for families with children (due to depth and waves)

2- Alanya İncekum Beach

One of the famous beaches of Alanya is Incekum. As the name suggests, it is famous for its fine and crystalline gold sands.

İncekum Beach's Pros:

  • Fine gold sands

  • Having blue flag

  • Shallow waters suitable for families with children

  • Wide facilities

  • Rental of needs such as sunbeds and umbrellas

  • Activities such as sailing and jet skiing

  • Camping area where visitors’ can spend the night

  • Forest, suitable for picnic

İncekum Beach's Cons:

  • Crowd (İncekum is one of the busiest beaches in Alanya.)

  • The distance between the parking spot and the beach

3- Alanya Emirgan (Ulaş) Beach

Another famous Alanya beach is Emirgan Beach, also known as Ulaş. This rocky area, which was used only as a picnic area in the past, has been transformed into its present beach form with later arrangements.

Emirgan Beach's Pros:

  • Presence of both rocky and sandy areas

  • Having picnic area (Picnic tables are also available in the area.)

  • Easy transportation (5 km from the city center)

  • The view

  • Rental facilities (Sunbeds, umbrellas etc.)

Emirgan Beach's Cons:

  • Sandy area is so small (Rocky area or picnic area can be used.)

  • Crowded (As there is high demand in a very small area, you may prefer to come with boat tours instead of using the beach.)

  • Not suitable for families with children (One of Alanya's deepest points)

4- Alanya Keykubat (Begonvil) Beach

Begonvil beach, which takes this name from the bougainvillea in the green areas along the coast, is widely known as Keykubat beach. Keykubat Beach shines out among famous Alanya beaches due to the green areas & colourful flowers accompanying the sea view.

Pros of Keykubat Beach:

  • Suitable for families with children (Does not exceed human height for about 20 meters.)

  • Blue flag

  • The intertwining view of green and blue areas

  • Wide transportation options

  • Long sandy beach (approx. 3 km)

  • Water sports activities & workshops

Cons of Keykubat Beach:

  • Crowded (It is impossible to find a quiet corner on Keykubat Beach, especially in July and August, since it is close to the center.)

  • Dark color of the sea*

  • *If you enjoy swimming in the light blue and clear Mediterranean waters, Keykubat Beach may not be suitable for you. Due to the streams pouring into the sea, its waters are dark blue and lose its clarity after rain.

5- Alanya Portakal (Oba) Beach

The last popular member of our Alanya beaches list is Portakal Beach, and it is also known as Oba Beach due to the rivers pouring into its waters.

Pros of Alanya Portakal Beach:

  • 1 km long gold sands

  • Wide beach (It’s width reaches 100 meters in some areas.)

  • Cool waters

  • Wide transportation options

  • The beautiful view of both sea & mountains

  • Rental facilities (Sunbeds, umbrellas etc.)

  • Suitable for water sports activities

Cons of Portakal Beach:

  • Crowded (as it is so close to the center and popular)

  • It’s cool waters may not be suitable for families with children

We have completed the most popular Alanya beaches list. However, if you don't want to only sunbathe on the beach and ask "What can I do in Alanya?" If you say so, you should add these beaches to your list. In each of them, you can experience various water sports and watch the underwater beauties of Alanya beaches.


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