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We’re located in the heart of the old city. 

Located in Alanya Castle, Hotel Villa Turka is a 4-minute walk away from the historical beach and a 8-minute walk away from the town center.

Alanya castle view


Although most of the areas inside the castle are closed to traffic, our hotel is easily reachable by cars. And the easiest way to find us is to search for "Hotel Villa Turka" on your favorite navigation app. 

Whichever way you use to come to our hotel, make sure to let us know you've arrived by using the phone at the entrance so that we can assist you with your luggage. 

By Air

It takes 2 hours from Antalya Airport and about 45 minutes from Alanya-Gazipasa Airport to reach Hotel Villa Turka. If you plan to rent a car, please refer to "By Car"

If you need private transfer from the airport please contact us via e-mail or phone.

By Bus

If you’ve come to Alanya by bus, the easiest way to get to our hotel is by taking a cab from the Bus Terminal. It should take around 8-10 minutes. 

Alternatively you can take the public bus to the city center and then take the taxi. 

Please refer to “By Taxi” section.

By Car

Route 1: Start climbing towards the castle from Damlatas Cave (west) side. Drive for about 1 km until you see Yamaç Cafe and make a left turn there and start going downhill for 250m. When you reach the castle walls take the right cobbled road and go through the arched castle gate. Our hotel is 150 m away. Click to see it in Google Maps.

Route 2: Head for the harbor from the city center on Bostancipinari Street. Drive for 650 meters until you see Marina Market. Turn right and start driving uphill. The road diverges into two. Take the left road and continue climbing. When you reach the castle walls get out of the asphalt road and turn left to the cobbled road. Follow it until you go through the arched castle gate. Our hotel is 150 m away. Click to see it in Google Maps

We have private parking space available. Please ask the reception for help upon arrival. 

places to visit in alanya map

By Taxi

By Ferry

If you don’t have luggage, it takes 5 minutes by walking. If you have one, you can take a cab. Please note that the road is one way around the harbor area, which forces the taxi to take a detour around town. To avoid an obligatory city tour you may want to consider walking up to Marina Market to get your taxi. Please refer to “By Taxi”

If you decide to take a cab, just hand the driver this text. Make sure to print this beforehand:

"Sehir merkezinden iskele yoluna (Bostancıpınarı Cad.) sapın. 650 metre sonra Marina Market’ten Kale'ye dogru çıkan yokus yola (Tophane Cad.) girin. Surlara vardıgınızda sola saparak parke taslı yoldan ilerleyin ve kemerli sur kapısından içeri girin. Iç kaleye girer girmez yol ikiye ayrılır. Sagdan yukarı dogru çıkan dar yolu takip edin. Villa Turka 150 metre sonra solda kalıyor. Otelin önünde dönüs yapabileceginiz bir alan mevcuttur. Bize 0530 5474641'den ulasabilirsiniz."

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