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The Best Address for Winter Holiday in Alanya: Hotel Villa Turka

If you want to take an off-season holiday and forget the cold weather during your winter holidays; Alanya is the address you are looking for because Alanya’s sea season lasts from April to November. Whether you dream of a holiday where you can swim as if it's summer even in the winter, or a boutique holiday out of a winter fairy tale... Both are possible in Hotel Villa Turka, one of Alanya's best hotels that are open in winter. So, what awaits you on your Alanya winter holiday at Villa Turka?

If you want your Alanya winter holiday to be just like summer days:

Let's start by good news: Alanya is the district which has the longest sea season in Europe.

You can swim in Alanya from April to even December. So, it is a unique region for all sea enthusiasts who do not like the cold of winter.

  • In Alanya Centre, the cleanest and calmest beach is Soğukkapı (Tersane) Beach and it is only 100 meters away from Hotel Villa Turka.

  • This beach is a unique area for those who want to follow the sea turtles along the historical walls of Alanya Castle.

  • By staying in Hotel Villa Turka, which is one of the Alanya hotels open in winter, you can both take a sunbath even in winter and relieve the tiredness of the year by watching the sea view in our jacuzzi pool.

*As there is no rental facilities at Tersana Beach, your needs such as umbrella, sunbed and towels are provided from our reception.

If you want to get lost in a winter fairy tale;

Try to remember all the details of the winter fairy tales you know except the cold! This is exactly how winters are spent in Villa Turka, a Alanya hotel open in the winter,too.

  • First of all, our stove, which is an indispensable part of the winter holiday, is always on; just like in your childhood. And of course, with chestnut kebabs, roasted potatoes, mushrooms and so on.

  • You can enjoy the fireplace and sea view at the same time in our rooms.

  • Also, we have not forgotten those who miss the warm winters of their childhood. That’s why we have a traditional cooker stove in our Deluxe Villa. So, you can enjoy a winter holiday with your family in the 200-year-old castle mansion and feel just like in your childhood.

  • And many beauties that we cannot count, such as conversations by the stove, a romantic winter atmosphere etc. are waiting for you at Villa Turka, which is an Alanya hotel open in winter.

In addition, we assist all our guests who come to participate in winter activities in and around Alanya, in matters such as holiday planning and transportation to the event etc. All you have to do is to inform us about the winter holiday in your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to swim in Alanya in winter?

The sea season in Alanya lasts from April to December. So, “Yes”, it is possible to swim in Alanya in winter. If you want to swim in Alanya in winter, you should choose Hotel Villa Turka for the best winter holiday in Alanya.

Which hotels in Alanya are open in winter?

Alanya Hotel Villa Turka is open also during the winter months. In our hotel, which is open for 12 months, you can both enjoy the Mediterranean waters even in winter and spend a winter holiday like in your childhood by the traditional stoves.

How is the weather in Alanya in winter?

First of all, the lowest temperature in Alanya is in January and the average is 7 degrees. Therefore, from April to mid-December, the sea season continues. However, sea enthusiasts can extend the season and enjoy the calm waters of the Mediterranean waters during other winter months, too.


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