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Alanya Travel Guide: What, Where and When to Do?

We can imagine how you need a comprehensive Alanya Travel Guide while planning your Alanya holiday. Ancient cities with thousands of years of history, canyons, waterfalls, blue flag beaches and dozens of activities… Before deciding on your to-do list in Alanya, how about exploring a few important points about Alanya holiday? Let's answer your questions together.

How Many Days Should You Spend in Alanya?

We started with the hardest question. For many of us, the answer to this question is 'As long as our vacation time!' However, we are sure that you will want your Alanya trip to last longer than your planned holiday. If you want to enjoy the unique nature of Alanya and not miss the lively activities, you should spend at least 2 weeks in Alanya.

Don't worry that your holiday is shorter, you can use the concierge service of Hotel Villa Turka and make the places to visit and your to do list according to your own preferences arranged from the moment you step in Alanya. Then, all you have to do is live your days to the fullest!

What is the Best Time to Swim in Alanya?

Alanya is the region with the longest sea season in Turkey. Here, it is possible to swim from April to even December. Although it is possible to swim in Alanya during the winter season, it is not as crowded as in the summer. Therefore, if you want to have a quiet and peaceful winter holiday but do not want to get too cold, you should know that Alanya is waiting for you with its warm air and sea even in December.

We also recommend you to take a look at our Alanya Beaches blog post before planning your holiday.

What to Eat in Alanya?

If you want to try local Alanya cuisine, don't miss these:

· Kabak Çiçeği Dolması

· Akdarı çorbası

· Enginarlı Girit Kebabı

· Tahinli Antalya piyazı

· Ülübü Yemeği

· Laba

· İlibada Sarması

· Alanya kapaması

· Laba Dolması

· Finike muz tatlısı

· Göleviz

If you are a breakfast lover, we definitely recommend you to try Hotel Villa Turka Breakfast for an Alanya breakfast experience prepared with completely natural and local recipes.

Where to Visit in Alanya?

First of all, the answer to this question may vary depending on what you expect from your holiday. That's why we've already prepared several lists for you to choose from:

• Alanya Beaches

• Historical Sites in Alanya

• Alanya’ Ancient Cities

• Alanya’s Unique Canyons

• Alanya Famous Caves

A trip list prepared entirely according to your own tastes… By browsing these lists, you can choose among the best stops, which are indispensable for Alanya travel guides, and plan your own route.

What to Buy from Alanya?

If you want to buy souvenirs from Alanya and take good memories with you, you should visit the Alanya Castle where is the best address for souvenirs in Alanya. Here you can find handmade souvenirs, silk woven carpets and traditional clothes. You can also buy products such as oils, sauces and jams made from Alanya's local olives and fruits here.

If you want to bring the atmosphere of Alanya to your home, do not forget to add Alanya Castle to your “places to visit in Alanya” list!

What to Do in Alanya Centre?

The to-do list in Alanya centre is quite different according to various tastes and preferences. However, we would like to point out that whatever your holiday preferences are, Alanya is a place with full of experiences for all tastes.

The essentials of the to-do list in Alanya centre are:

· You can participate in sea & nature activities in most places of Alanya. You can choose the activities that suit to you most among our “What to-do in Alanya” list.

· Be sure to taste the famous Alanya breakfast. If you want to have a local breakfast prepared entirely with handmade and natural products, accompanied by the panoramic view of Hotel Villa Turka, you can contact us now. Even if you are not staying in our hotel, you can be our guest for breakfast by making a reservation.

· Party like you have ever done before!

· You can visit the ancient sites of Alanya and take a small tour through history.

· You should definitely add “watching the sunset on the walls of Alanya Castle” to your list.

Nightlife in Alanya

Nightlife in Alanya also has a richness that can appeal to different tastes. If you want to spend a relatively quiet night and drink a glass of alcohol while chatting with your friends, you can prefer “Alanya Barlar Sokağı”. It can be said that this area is the quietest spot of Alanya nightlife.

If you want to dance and party hard at lively nights, you have 2 options: Alanya night club or beach club parties. Both will allow you to taste the colors of Alanya nightlife.


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