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Alanya Ancient Cities: 4 Wonderful Sites to See

Alanya has hosted many settlements and states since the stone age; For this reason, we recommend that you add both the ancient cities and Alanya Archaeological Museum to your list of places to visit in Alanya.

The Ancient City of Iotape

First of all, we would like to state that the ancient city of Iotape is not famous only among history enthusiasts; also, a famous stop for nature and water lovers. It owes its reputation to the untouched bay where it was founded and to the walking routes, which are among the favorite spots of trekking lovers.

Iotape Ancient City, which was built in the 40-50s BC, is actually a Cilician period settlement and defense center. However, over the centuries, it has also hosted many civilizations from Rome to the Seljuk Empire. Moreover, despite its many years of history, its interior parts have managed to reach today. We definitely recommend you to visit Iotape, which is a wonderful bridge between the present and the Antiquity with its walls, interior parts, church and ancient harbour.

In addition, we would like to point out that it is not enough to dedicate hours for a trip to Iotape; You can spend a full day here to the fullest. When you are at the Ancient City, you can trek along the routes in the pine forests, swim in the calm bay and meet the sunset on the walls of the the ancient city.

The Ancient City of Syedra

The ancient city of Syedra, located at the 20th kilometer of the Alanya-Gazipaşa highway, is another settlement that has survived from the Cilician Period. Syedra, whose historical records date back to the period of the Roman Emperor Tiberius (14-17 AD), takes its name from the coins minted in the same period. The main element that fascinates its visitors in this ancient city, which has survived for centuries, is its unique city plan.

The ancient city, which you will enter through a monumental gate, will surround you with its historical atmosphere from the first step. It is a complete historical mosaic with its cisterns filled with rain water, its huge theater, church wall decorations and mosaics from the first Christian periods!

If you want to go on a journey through the Alanya history, we recommend you to add the Syedra Ancient City trip to your list of things to do in Alanya. In addition, we would like to point out that the ancient city walls are a unique location for both watching the sunset and taking panoramic Mediterranean photographs due to its dominant position in the region.

The Ancient City of Selinus

Selinus Antique City, which is 47 kilometers away from Alanya, was built on a hillside overlooking Gazipaşa. There are evident traces of the Seljuks period in the ancient city, which was used as a settlement also during the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods.

What awaits you in the ancient city of Selinus is:

  • Roman baths

  • 1 medieval castle

  • Agoras

  • The church

  • Cistern

  • Şekerhane Mansion

  • An aqueduct from Seljuk Empire

  • Monumental tombs

  • Ancient house ruins

You can see the rest of the Selinus ruins, which is thought to have been used as a workshop in the past, in the Alanya Archeology Museum.

We strongly recommend you to visit the Ancient City of Selinus with a professional guide, due the fact that it is a settlement that hosted 3 different empires and has traces dating back to different periods.

The Ancient City of Laertes

Laertes Ancient City, which is 25 kilometers away from Alanya, is also among the historical places to be seen in Alanya. Although the Hellenistic period influences can be seen in many ancient cities in the region, Laertes is different in this sense. Built on the Taurus Mountains, this ancient city was used as a settlement area by pirates at that time, as it was a very suitable area to defend.

What awaits you in Laertes is:

  • Bath

  • Cisterns

  • Agoras

  • Temple of Emperor Claudius

  • An Apollon Temple

  • Temple of Zeus Megistos

Among the ancient cities of Alanya, these 4 settlements shine out with their structures that have survived almost completely until today. However, there are many ancient sites that have hosted many civilizations from the Cilician Period to Rome and Seljuk, both in Alanya and in the surrounding districts. If you are determined to trace the history of Alanya, we strongly recommend that you visit the nearby ancient cities, too; and of course, to the Alanya Archaeology Museum!


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