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Alanya What to Do: 16 Best Activities in Alanya

In Alanya, which has thousands of years of history, there are activities suitable for every taste and preference. For this reason, the answers to the question "What to do in Alanya?" are quite plentiful. If you want to enjoy Alanya without falling into tourist traps, you can trust us. Let's take a look at the list of activities to do in Alanya, prepared with local recommendations.

*Thanks to our private concierge service, you can book the tours you want before you come to Alanya, and have your to-do list ready when you arrive. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, just contact with us and specify the activities you want.

Things to do in Alanya for Sea Enthusiasts

If you describe yourself as a sea enthusiast, Alanya is the right holiday destination for you. Dozens of blue flag beaches await you in Alanya, where the sea season lasts from April to November. Moreover, thanks to its calm and clear waters, it is possible to watch the shoals of fish, to explore the undersea world and to follow the tracks of the caretta carettas. We have already prepared a short list of things to do in Alanya for you as sea lovers.

  • Explore the calm bays of Alanya.

  • Explore Alanya caves.

There are many caves in Alanya bays where you can dive in and explore their depths. Reaching the depths of the Pirate Cave or swimming in the colorful waters of the Phosphorus Cave, each will be a unique experience.

  • Do you want to swim with caretta carettas? Kale beach is just for you!

Moreover, you can get everything you need from our hotel on this beach, which is only 100 meters away from our hotel.

  • Go scuba diving.

There are opportunities for both novices and professionals in daily scuba diving tours.

  • Have you surfed before? If you haven't, Alanya is the right place to start!

You can devote a day for the wave surfing course, which is only a 15-minute walk from Hotel Villa Turka. Maybe the passion you are looking for is wave surfing; who knows!

  • Swim in history!

  • Do not miss the experience of swimming along the centuries-old Alanya castle walls at Soğukkapı Beach, which is only 100 meters from Hotel Villa Turka. It’s also one of the quietest and most peaceful beaches in Alanya with its century-old palm trees and sea turtles!

  • Explore Alanya bays with a boat tour.

Boat tours are one of the first answers to the question of what to do in Alanya. Every day, dozens of boats stop by Alanya's bays & caves and offer their visitors the opportunity to explore Alanya deeply. If you are staying at Hotel Villa Turka, you can arrange your boat tour at the reception.

What to do in Alanya for Nature Enthusiasts

If you are after long nature walks, challenging trekking trails and undiscovered natural beauties, you will find it hard to believe what Alanya has to offer. Although known for its busy holiday seasons and beaches, Alanya is home to much more natural beauty than widely known. Here is the best list of things to do in Alanya just for nature enthusiasts.

  • Explore Alanya canyons and waterfalls.

Although it is famous for Sapadere Canyon, there are many other canyons and waterfalls in Alanya; moreover, many activities from rock climbing to trekking and rafting! By taking a look at our Alanya canyons list, you can choose a few stops and forget the hot summer days in the icy waters of Alanya canyons.

  • Visit karst caves.

Among the caves of Alanya, which stand out with their karstic features, there are the most famous caves of the Mediterranean region and even Turkey. Millions of years old stalactites, gigantic stalagmites and dripstone pools… You should definitely choose and visit at least one of them by choosing from our Alanya caves list.

  • Trekking.

There are many trekking spots suitable for both novices and professionals in Alanya. You can do trekking in many different areas, from the routes of the ancient cities of Alanya to difficult canyons trails.

  • Visit Alanya Gardens.

If you are one of those who are tired of hot weather and crowds, you should go to Alanya Gardens right away. Alanya Gardens is a unique stop to enjoy beautiful Alanya nature accompanied by epidemic plants and birds chirping sounds!

  • Go to safari with ATVs.

Yes, that’s right! It is also possible to cross the mountains and hills with an ATV in Alanya and make a mess with your own gang!

Things to do in Alanya for Adrenaline Enthusiasts

You cooled off and rested on the famous beaches of Alanya; what about now? If this calmness is too much for you and you want a little excitement, you are right to ask what to do in Alanya. Fortunately, we have prepared a small list for you as adrenaline enthusiasts.

  • Go paragliding.

Alanya has many different spots for paragliding; moreover, we are talking about a paragliding experience where you can take off from ancient cities of Alanya and watch the peninsula at sunset.

  • Go on a jeep safari with your gang.

Explore the nature of Alanya with 4x4 jeeps. In Alanya, which has many viewing points, you can both enjoy nature and city views with safari, and relieve your tiredness by discovering ice-cold streams and waterfalls.

  • Do rock climbing.

We are sure that you have heard the praise of Alanya's canyons and waterfalls. Good news, in many of these areas, it is also possible to rock climbing at different difficulty levels!

  • Go rafting and resist the rough streams.

In our opinion, it is an indispensable experience in the list of “what to do in Alanya”.

However, let's be warned in advance, the waters of Alanya are a bit cold. If you are not in the summer, do not forget to take precautions against the cold before go rafting.

We tried to find answers to the question 'What to do in Alanya?' according to different tastes and passions. However, the to-do list in Alanya is not limited to these; Alanya has historical places, local dishes and many beauties waiting to be discovered. In order to shape your Alanya holiday according to your own tastes and preferences and not to miss any experience, our recommendation is that you do not neglect to take advantage of the Hotel Villa Turka accommodation.


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