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200-Year-Old Ottoman Mansions... 

Alanya Boutique Hotel:
Dedicated to A la Turka!

A charming boutique hotel in Alanya Castle, offering romantic rooms, breathtaking sea views and a delicious all natural breakfast made with love. 

Get to experience the authentic Turkish hospitality, sleep in centuries-old rooms with character and enjoy the natural and cultural Alanya.

This, we believe, is the way of A la turka:

Simple, natural, local & plain good.

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Individually Decorated Rooms with Character

Combine an elegant A la Turka style with comfortable modern touches and you get rooms that shine with individual character. From the standard room to our deluxe villa, you're sure to find something to your liking. 

Breakfast A la Turka

Start your day with the perfect beginning every day. Freshly baked pastries, mama-made jams (from kiwi to baby figs), comb honey from the Taurus, homemade yogurt, carob cake, fresh brewed coffee... Nothing fancy. Simple, local and natural.

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Perrrfect Location

Located in the heart of the Castle, Villa Turka is an ideal base to explore the old and new city, enjoy the beaches and all the while offers an expansive bird’s eye view.

Happy Experiences! Happy Reviews!

Thanks to our generous guests, Villa Turka has been ranking in the top spots on many review sites such as We encourage you to read through them to have a feel for what Hotel Villa Turka is all about.

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Hotel Villa Turk Jacuzzi Pool

The Amazing Castle Beach &

Our Lovely Jacuzzi Pool! 

Like to swim with magnificent sea turtles, then the castle beach is what you're looking for! If you feel like relaxing like a lazy cat by the pool, we aren't gonna judge you!

And Many Many More Reasons to Stay at Villa Turka

Be it our traditional roots or our deeply romantic character, there are plenty of other reasons people prefer to come to Villa Turka. See all and choose for yourself...

alanya turkey boutique hotel


Need more than a room? We are also here to help you with your wedding organizations and apartment booking

From engagement parties to wedding ceremonies, Hotel Villa Turka is here for your once-in-your-life special nights.


Looking to stay in a sea-view apartment in the center of the city?

We've got you covered.


A Peaceful and Romantic Alanya Hotel:
Villa Turka

Hotel Villa Turka is the address of those who are looking for a cozy and quiet holiday among Alanya hotels. A 19th century historical stone mansion, a fully-furnished Deluxe Villa that is the best for family holidays, and a romantic boutique hotel equipped with scenic terraces all around. Hotel Villa Turka offers options for everyone who wants to stay in a boutique hotel in Alanya and live their dream holiday. Let's take a look at the different holiday experiences offered by this charming Alanya boutique hotel.

Time Travel in an Alanya Hotel:
Stone Mansion

Would you like to stay in a boutique hotel in Alanya and enjoy not just your holiday, but also the rich history and the culture of Alanya? What you will find in Hotel Villa Turka mansion, which has the 'Best Restoration of the Mediterranean Region' award, is far beyond what you expect from and Alanya boutique hotel:

  • An award-winning Ottoman architecture

  • Furniture adorned with traditional hand carvings

  • A victorian bathtub with an excellent sea view

  • A Turkish bath (hamam)

If you want to stay in one of the Alanya Center hotels to track the Alanya history and culture; you should write Hotel Villa Turka’s historical stone mansion at the top of your list. It will take you to a unique time travel with both its location in the heart of Alanya and its carefully preserved architecture.

A Family Holiday in the Center of Alanya:
Deluxe Villa

Deluxe Villa is a unique option for those who want to have a holiday in Alanya, the place with the longest sea season in Turkey, and be alone with their friends & family. What distinguishes Deluxe Villa from other Alanya boutique hotels is that it is a boutique villa that only belongs to you:

  • The stone mansion with 200 years of history

  • Balcony, terrace and private garden, all with an excellent sea view

  • Fully-furnished

  • A traditional winter stove

If you want to visit Alanya’s best places during the day and enjoy the family-time in the evening, you should write Hotel Villa Turka’s Deluxe Villa to the top of your ‘Alanya boutique hotels’ list; because this villa is just and only for your family!

The Most Romantic Alanya Hotel

Even if you only want to reserve a room and have a peaceful holiday, Hotel Villa Turka will still stand out among Alanya boutique hotels. Do you know why? Of course, because of its scenic rooms, panoramic terrace and peaceful atmosphere, where every guest leaves satisfied. If you also want to meet the romantic face of Alanya, you should add Hotel Villa Turka to your Alanya boutique hotels list. You will find many details and features, that you cannot find among most Alanya boutique hotels, in Hotel Villa Turka’s various holiday options.

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